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Transformative Experiences. Exceptional Education.

Undergraduate Studies is here to help you build an exceptional educational experience. Through our programs and resources you can find your learning communities, build your knowledge and skills, achieve your impact, and begin your transformation.

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Mission of Office of Undergraduate Studies (US)

From admission to graduation, the units of the Office of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Utah provide every student with an exceptional educational experience that empowers them to lead transformational lives wherever their educational and professional futures take them.
Students: Your possibilities are immense. The U’s curriculum provides every student with a wide range of fields engaging the most exciting, challenging, and essential topics to enable you to live transformational lives. The innovative pathways and programs of undergraduate education at the U seek to bring the world into your classroom, engage you with peers and mentors, create shared moments of belonging you won’t find in traditional classes or at other universities, and prepare you to lead impactful lives for Utah, the nation, and the world. Our commitment is to your success and sharing transformative experiences and an exceptional education you’ll value the rest of your life.
Faculty:Your passion, expertise, and commitment to student success make exceptional education happen. US cultivates intentional partnerships between faculty and undergraduate students—through research, mentorship, and teaching—to enhance transformative experiences for students and faculty within and beyond the classroom environment.



  1. We believe in the power of innovation to transform the University of Utah into a student-centered organization, one that works for every student—from orientation to completion and beyond.

  2. First-year retention at the University of Utah should reflect those of our peer/aspirant institutions; for the U, this means elevating the 89% first-year retention rate to 95% over the next 5 years.

  3. Completion rates at the U should similarly be comparable to our peers/aspirants; this will mean moving, at first, the six-year completion rate from 66.8% to higher than 80% over the next 5 years.

  4. A leading public research university supports its undergraduate population through holistic student programming and clear, consistent degree pathways.

  5. A data-informed approach to student success and undergraduate education promotes strategic decision-making, outcomes-based solutions, and timely, preemptive interventions.

  6. Providing tailored, holistic support for all students, especially low-income, part-time, transfer, and low-preparedness undergraduates will improve experiences and student success metrics.

  7. Supporting faculty and staff with resources and funding to provide an exceptional education experience for all students not only improves student success metrics, it also enhances the institution’s culture and ability to retain exceptional faculty and staff.


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Last Updated: 5/28/24