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Program Summary

Here at the U, we believe a “Strong Start” leads to a strong finish. Our summer academic and residential programs will provide an engaging and transformative experience to a diverse group of 300 first-year students. Our goal is to not only help you acclimate yourself to life at the U, but thrive in your college experience, setting you up for a bright academic career.

Strong Start students will have the option to enroll in a course between the end of the summer session and the begging of the fall semester to earn a credential through Adobe . More information on this option will provided during the Strong Start program

Students will enroll in a math or writing course, and a general education course at one of the top research universities in the country, fulfilling some general education requirements, all while building meaningful academic and social relationships that will last a lifetime.

Strong Start takes place during the second summer session from June 23 – August 2.

Strong Start participants will also need to register and attend either the June 20-21 or June 22-23 New Student Orientation Sessions.

Total Projected Costs:

  • Tuition & Fees: $2,942 - $3,210
  • Housing: $3,400 - $3,842*
  • Meals $848 - $1032


To be eligible for financial aid for Strong Start, complete the 2022-23 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. This is a different FAFSA than the one you might have completed for enrollment beginning Fall 2023. If you need more information on completing the form, view the How to Fill Out the FAFSA Form video. Or, if you’re ready to complete the form now, you can go here. Be sure to choose the 2022-23 FAFSA to complete and submit; it is important to complete this as soon as possible. If you need any additional assistance, contact the U’s Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid with questions.

Applications are now open!

Deadline extended to Sunday, April 9, 2023.

Apply now


Here are just some of the many advantages of our program:


credits graphic

Earn 3-7 general education credits

housing graphic

        12-month housing opportunity

 goal graphic

Start your residency clock early


community graphicGet involved before fall semester with a built-in community of your peers


campus graphic

Learn how to navigate campus



Students can choose one of the following courses:

WRTG 1010 –Intro to Writing (3 credit hours)

Description: Students learn to read and write rhetorically, develop and support claims, and produce and evaluate writing in collaboration with peers. Course readings and assignments emphasize writing for diverse purposes and disciplines. To be taken during Freshman year.

MATH 1030 – Intro to Quantitative Reasoning (3 credit hours)

Description: This course is best suited for students who are not pursuing a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) degree. The course helps students learn how to use some simple mathematical techniques effectively in their own field of study and apply those concepts to practical, real-life situations.

MATH 1050 – College Algebra (4 credit hours)

Description: This course is best suited for students who are interested in pursuing a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) degree.
The course covers functions, inverses and graphs; polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions; systems of equations and matrices; applications; arithmetic and geometric sequences and series.

Housing and Meals

Opportunities and information for students that participate in the Strong Start program:


Kahlert Village
Stay in Kahlert Village
Students will stay in Kahlert Village during the second summer term.






LLC Graphic
Living Learning Communities (LLC)
Students will have access to apply to participate in Living Learning Communities (LLC) to continue their experience through the academic year.
Housing Graphic
12 Months of Housing
Students will have preferred opportunities to secure 12 months of housing on-campus.
Meal Plans Graphic
Campus Meal Plans
Students can choose from a variety of meal plans while staying on campus.






Costs Graphic
Housing & Meal Costs
Students can choose housing and meal plans that work best for them


Total Projected Costs:

  • Tuition & Fees: $2,942 - $3,210
  • Housing: $3,400 - $3,842*
  • Meals $848 - $1032


*Includes the cost of Transition Housing: housing between the end of Strong Start and move-in for the academic year on August 15th)*

*Does not include the cost of Dining Dollars to cover meals between August 7 – August 14. Click here to find out more about purchasing Dining Dollars

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