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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member at the University of Utah, log in to CIS with your uNID and password. On your student tab, look in the box marked Registration for a link called Student Course Evaluations Results. On the Employee Tab, this link is called Student Accessible Results and is located in the box marked Student Course Evaluations.

In both cases you want to visit the Requirement Review web site, click on "Log In" and enter your unid and password, and then click the "Apply" link in the top menu.

LEAP stands for Learning, Engagement, Achievement, and Progress and is a two-semester learning community for entering students at the U. Most LEAP students take two LEAP courses in the fall (social science and writing) and one in the spring (humanities). They stay with the same professor and classmates for one fall class and one spring class, but connect with other LEAP students through program-wide activities. The program offers peer advisors, scholarships, the LEAP House for study and social events, and the chance to stay connected through paid positions in the sophomore year. All admitted students are eligible and there are no extra costs.

Visit the CTLE websiteOR call (801) 581-7597.

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Last Updated: 4/15/21