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Mission Statement

Educators who empower students to imagine life's possibilities

We provide students with a transformative undergraduate experience through the transition from high school to the university; integrated General Education and coursework before the major; advising, support, and advocacy; and signature experiences from global education, to community service, to research opportunities.


The Office of Undergraduate Studies is charged with helping implement the University's educational mission. It does this by:

  • Maintaining, in cooperation with departments and colleges, general education and bachelor degree requirement courses. These courses seek to instill in students an appreciation for the acquisition of the knowledge, skills and perspectives that constitute the foundation of college and life-long learning, responsible and rewarding professional service, personal development, and civic responsibility. General education promotes free and rational inquiry, critical thinking, creative expression, understanding and respect for diversity, intellectual integrity, and social responsibility
  • Assisting students as they transition to the University from high school or other educational institutions, complete their General Education and Bachelor's Degree requirements, and pick a major
  • Establishing new degree programs and reviewing existing programs for quality and coherence through the Undergraduate Council and in collaboration with colleges and departments
  • Providing administrative support for the following centers, colleges, programs, and resources: Assessment & Evaluation, the Bachelor of University Studies degree, the Bennion Center, the BlockU program, Capstone Initiatives, the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE), the Course Catalog, Curriculum Administration, General Education & Bachelor's Degree Requirements, the Honors College, Inclusive Excellence, the Integrated Certificate in Sustainability, the Leadership Studies minor, the LEAP first-year experience program, Learning Portfolios, MUSE, National Student Exchange, the New University Scholars program, the Office of Undergraduate Research, Orientation, Outreach & Engagement, the Student Success & Empowerment Initiative, Teaching & Learning Technologies, US Student Internships, Undergraduate Advancement, the Undergraduate Council, University College, and UOnline.
  • Administering a variety of faculty and student awards and scholarships.
Please use our web page to find out more about our programs and opportunities or call us at the number below and we will be glad to help you in any way we can.

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Last Updated: 12/9/21