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Summer Bridge will help you prepare both academically and socially for your transition into college this fall. Your continuing enrollment at the University of Utah for the fall 2021 term is conditional on the successful completion of the Bridge Program.

In this six week program you will complete two courses - Writing at Your Appropriate Level, and a class called LEAP, a first-year learning community which is designed to teach you how to read, write, and speak at a college level.  The LEAP class will have fewer than 30 students and is taught by a nurturing professor who will help you succeed both in the summer and throughout your first year as a college student.

In addition to the two courses, the Bridge will include what we call wrap-around support.  You will meet your Student Success Advocate who will help you imagine your life at the university, identify special opportunities and supports for you, and most importantly, show you all the ways to have fun while in college.


The Summer Bridge Program will help you get a step up, a special boost, so you will have your best possible chance at an amazing freshman year. 

Last Updated: 7/7/22