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Learning Outcomes Assessment Web Tools
and  Ecosystem

The Office of Learning Outcomes Assessment, in collaboration with Teaching and Learning Technologies, has built two tools to help make it easier to do the work of learning outcomes assessment: the Learning Outcomes Associator and the Learning Outcomes Reviewer.

These two tools, and our integrations with our Curriculum Management System (Kuali CM) and our Learning Management System (Canvas from Instructure) constitute the University of Utah's Learning Outcomes Ecosystem.  Within the ecosystem learning outcomes are created, managed, and stored in Kuali CM, then brought in to Canvas where faculty make associations between the outcomes and assignments or quizzes in their courses.  These associations are then used by a standalone application, the Reviewer, that we built which allows faculty to deisgn an assessment of a learning outcome, bringing examples of student work in from Canvas to be assessed with rubrics that can be imported or built inside the app.  The Reviewer also produces score reports and figures when all of the reviews are completed.

utah outcomes ecosystem
Graphic credit: Jon Thomas, Teaching and Learning Technologies, University of Utah

The Learning Outcomes Associator

The Learning Outcomes Associator is a tool that can be installed on any course in Canvas.  It automatically brings the learning outcomes for your degree program into the application, along with General Education outcomes if it is a Gen Ed course.  It also shows all of the assignments and quizzes from your course and allows you to make an association between outcomes and activities in your course.  

In order to use the Reviewer you need to ask Mark St. Andre to add you as an administrator for your department in the application.  Contact him at or 801-585-9876.

Click below to view a video on how to use the Associator.


The Learning Outcomes Reviewer

The Learning Outcomes Reviewer is a stand alone application that is used for setting up an assessment of a learning outcome.  You need to have made associations between learning outcomes and assignments using the Learning Outcomes Associator before you use this application.  

Use the Reviewer to determine how many randomly selected assignments you want to include in your assessment and how many assignments you want each reviewer to assess.  You can also build a rubric inside the Reviewer and add people to be the reviewers.  When you finish setting up an assessment it will send an email to the reviewers and give them a link that will take them to the Reviewer where they will view the student assignments and assess them with the rubric.  When all reviewers are done it will build figures that show your results.  

In order to use the Reviewer you need to ask Mark St. Andre to add you as an administrator for your department in the application.  Contact him at or 801-585-9876.  Click the link below to see a video on how to use the Reviewer. [Ignore the video clip of Mark in the bottom corner of the screen, or hide it. He didn't know the camera was recording him...]


Reviewing Courses Using the Learning Outcomes Reviewer

Click to view a slide deck with instructions on how to review courses in the Reviewer.

Last Updated: 7/7/22