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Collect Evidence

Your data collection strategy will depend on what evidence you have identified as measuring each of your outcomes and whether it is indirect or direct evidence.  Indirect evidence will likely be a survey or a focus group. Many colleges on campus have access to Qualtrics, a platform for delivering surveys, and you could always the free Survey Monkey

Direct evidence will most likely be examples of student work, which are often referred to as artifacts.  This evidence is a little bit harder to collect, depending on whether faculty regularly ask students to turn in information electronically or not.  However, the University is working on developing a tool that will make this process easier. 

This tool will be called the Learning Outcomes Artifact Repository.  It will be an electronic repository where artifacts can be uploaded regardless of whether the course is taught online through Canvas or not.  It will allow faculty and departmental representatives to upload artifacts and store them so they are connected to the learning outcomes for the department or other entity that has identified the course as meeting one of its outcomes.  The tool will allow department representatives to sample artifacts related to each of their outcomes to facilitate assessment.  This tool should be available in 2017.

Last Updated: 7/7/22