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There are 3 programs that are available for select students who wish to attend the University of Utah during high school: our Early Admission Program, the High School University Program (HSUP), and Youth Education.

Students are issued a uID (University ID#) when they enroll in Early College courses. This allows the students to use the Marriott Library and have a University email address.

Your uID also allows you to login in the Campus Information System (CIS).

The Campus Information Services (CIS) is a resource for students to receive information at the University. You can view your class grades, update personal information, setup your email, and view the other classes available at the University. To sign in initially, you will need your uID. Your password is your birthday (with two digit month, day, and year formatted as MMDDYY). Once you have signed in you can change your password to one of your choosing.

Our general advising for the University is done by Academic Advising Center, if you are interested in a specific major advisor, you may also contact the individual college or department at the U.

Contact Us

Phone (801) 587-3177

University Email Account

  • When you are entered into the University System, a university email account (umail) is created for you.
  • Any notification from the University will come to this umail account.
  • Review your umail account often because all important correspondence from the University goes to this account.  This email account can be also forwarded to your personal email.

Last Updated: 7/7/22