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Baccalaureate  Degree Courses


Communication & Writing | Diversity | International | Quantitative Intensive | Language Requirement








Communication & Writing

1 Course Needed

The upper-division communication/writing requirement provides students advanced instruction in speaking and writing to enhance success in the major and in a career after graduation.





1 Course Needed

The diversity requirement reflects the University’s commitment to proactively support a positive campus climate in regard to diversity, equity, ability status and inclusion.





1 Course Needed

The international requirement exposes students to a broad base of knowledge about global issues and perspectives in a comparative context by exploring big questions both contemporary and enduring.





Quantitative Intensive 

2 Courses Needed

The quantitative intensive requirement builds upon students’ prior quantitative foundations by further developing analytic reasoning skills and deepening knowledge of quantitative methods that are specific to a particular discipline and a career after graduation.



Language Requirement

2 years needed

Students must complete course work equivalent to at least fourth semester (2020 level) competency in either a foreign language or sign language.


Last Updated: 3/21/23