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General Education (GE) Core Requirements
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Lower Division Writing - 1 course needed
American Institiutions
Quantittative Reasoning 

Intellectual Exploration Requirements

Fine Arts - 2 Courses NeededHumanitiies - 2 Courses Needed

Physical/ Life Science - 1 course neededPhysical / Life Science or Applied Science - 1 Course NeededSocial/Behavioral Science - 2 Courses Needed

Baccalaureate Degree Requirements
Communication & Writing - 1 Course NeededDiversity - 1 course Needed

International Requirement - 1 course neededQuantitiative Intensive - 2 courses needed, Bachelor of science

Language Requirement - 1 Course needed, Bachelor of Arts



Minimum grade does not apply to pre-requisites

If the course is a requirement for a major it must
be taken for a letter grade. CR/NC is not an option.

1MIN(C-)   2Min (D- or CR)   3Min (C- or CR)

*Students must demonstrate required proficiency and purchase equivalent credit, or complete one course equivalent to or higher than the fourth semester (2020 level).

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Additional Information

General Education Requirements

Students are required to meet the AI, WR2, and QR (QA & QB) requirement by taking one or more courses in each of those areas. The BFA and BMus students are not required to complete the QB requirement.

Students are required to take two (2) classes in each of three of the four Intellectual Explorations (IE) areas (Fine Arts [FF], Humanities [HF], Physical/Life Sciences [SF]/Applied Sciences [AS], and Social & Behavioral Science [BF]) that are not associated with the student’s major. So, to be clear, students need to take six classes total: two in each of the Intellectual Explorations (IE) areas in which they are not majoring.

Please consult with an adviser to learn which IE areas apply to specific programs of study.

Bachelor Degree Requirements

Students pursuing a BA must take the required number of language courses and achieve certain competencies. Students pursuing a BS are not required to take language courses, but are required to take two QI courses.* All students must take one course in each of the Diversity (DV), International (IR), and Upper-Division Communication/Writing (CW) areas.

*Students pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees are exempt from the BA Language and BS Quantitative Intensive requirements.

Please consult with an adviser to learn which IE areas apply to specific programs of study.

Last Updated: 5/25/23