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The Purpose of General Education is to provide opportunities for connections.

Learning Framework

At the U, we pledge that every student has opportunities to be part of a community, develop knowledge and skills they need, make an impact and be transformed in the process. The Learning Framework is a tool that helps us meet that pledge to you.


Learning Outcomes

General Education courses are organized into five learning outcome categories that are derived from the University’s Learning Framework. You’ll have the opportunity to select courses from the categories(s) of your choice, based on the skills and competencies you want to develop through your General Education and Bachelor’s Degree Requirement coursework:

  1.  Collaborate Effectively
  2.  Reason & Act Ethically
  3.  Persist in Addressing Complex Problems
  4.  Respond Creatively
  5. Actualize & Contribute


Learning Framwork Model 
Learning Framwork Model

There are three types of General Education and Bachelor’s Degree requirement courses:

  1. Lower Division Courses – Foundational courses in writing and quantitative reasoning.
  2. Intellectual Exploration Courses – Perspective courses designed to enhance your major of choice.
  3. Bachelor's Degree Courses – Enhanced proficiency courses to develop skills across different contexts and worldviews.




Student Experiences






Last Updated: 7/7/22