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General Education Curriculum Committee

The General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC), run by the Office of General Education, oversees the General Education and Bachelor Degree Requirements for the University of Utah. The Committee consists of faculty members from all the major colleges that contribute to the General Education and Bachelor Degree Requirements. The GECC meets monthly throughout the fall and spring semesters to review applications for new designations. The GECC also reviews each designation on all courses every five years.


Committee Roster


Karen Paisley
Co-Chair Parks, Recreation, & Tourism, Health
Holly Godsey Co-Chair Geology, Mines and Earth Science
Melody Krahulec
Member Nursing
Johanna Watzinger-Tharp
Member Linguistics, Humanities
Peydon Shelton Member Music, Fine Arts
Jeff Statler Member Chemistry, Science
Kevin Wortman
Member Mathematics, Science
Kim Hackford-Peer Member Gender Studies, Social and Cultural Transformation
Liz Tashjian Member Finance, Business
Jeff Rose
Member Parks, Recreation & Tourism, Health
Pam Hardin Member Nursing, Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence
Melonie Murray Member Dance, Fine Arts
Chris Ingraham Member Communication, Humanities
Sarah Grineski Member Sociology, Social and Behavioral Science
Connor Warner Member Urban Institute for Teaching Education, Education
Joy Pierce Member Writing and Rhetoric Studies, Humanities
Ashley Glenn
Ex officio Advising
Keith Garner

Ex officio



The GECC oversees the following designations:

Elements GECC oversees

The AI (American Institutions) designation is mandated by Utah State Code R470*. The GECC does not review AI courses. The AI requirement is satisfied by one of the following courses:

• ECON 1740 – US Economic History
• HIST 1700 – America Civilization
• HIST 2700-2710 – US History (two-course sequence)
• HONOR 2212 – American Institutions
• POLS 1100 – US national Government

The BA Language Requirement is overseen by the Department of World Languages and Cultures. (

The QA (Mathematics) and QR (QA and QB – Mathematics and Statistics/ Logic course) designations are managed by the Math Department (

The WR2 (Lower Division Writing) requirement is not reviewed by the GECC. This requirement can be met through the following courses: 

• ESL 1060 - Expository Writing for ESL
• HONOR 2211 – Writing in Honors
• WRTG 2010 – Intermediate Writing

* 3.2. General Education Core Requirements: … American Institutions: Students shall satisfy this requirement by completing one of the following courses: Economics 1740, (3 credits); United States Economic History, (3 credits); Political Science 1100, American Political Institutions (3 credits); or History 1700, American Civilization (3 credits). An interdisciplinary integrated course that satisfies comparable criteria as those in Utah statute may also satisfy the requirement. Some institutions may require a two-course sequence in the areas of economics, political science, or history which satisfies comparable criteria.                                



Last Updated: 7/7/22